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Coffee Events

Get to know your coffee.

For coffee enthusiasts, folks in the industry, or anyone looking to attend interesting coffee events, we created the Cupping Room. Available on a regular basis for public and private coffee events like cuppings, social events, meeting space, and lectures. Designed to inspire and bring together coffee industry folks from every aspect in the trade.

Cupping Room Facility

Cupping room equipment includes:

  • Three, 10-ft custom designed cupping tables
  • Cupping bowls & Hario kettles
  • Five-gallon hot-watertower
  • EK43 Malkoning cupping grinder
  • Synesso Espresso Machine
  • Curtis programmable brewer
  • Commercial dishwasher for easy clean-up.


Join us for upcoming trainings, cuppings and seminars. Are you an event planner with a special event you’d like to host here? Lets talk!