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Education & Classes

2018 SPRING/SUMMER offerings

Our education classes provide a bridge into the world of coffee roasting, tasting and sensory analysis, and brewing. We’ve created a number of thoughtful  courses with a range of students in mind: from coffee enthusiasts looking to expand their horizons, to baristas interested in branching into other aspects of the industry, for the aspiring home roasters wanting to test out professional grade equipment, all the way to established coffee professionals looking for continue their education opportunities.


In collaboration with Portland Community College’s Continuing Ed program, The Buckman is offering three, entry-level courses for those who want to take their love for coffee to the next level. Joey Gleason (Co-Owner of the Buckman) and Stephanie Backus (Buckman’s Director of Development) are leading these classes to introduce the general public to the dynamic and intricate world of coffee.  REGISTER via PCC’s CONTINUING ED SITE.

Coffee Journey Around the World
4/12 (thu) @ 6-8pm

Have you ever wondered how coffee roasters choose the beans they are offering? You will learn the flavor nuances of coffee grown in different regions of the world while learning the process of cupping coffees (sampling taste and aroma). 

Methods of Coffee Processing
5/3 (thu) @ 6-8pm

What makes a coffee fruitier than others? What causes the crema on the top of an espresso shot? We’ll explore the different processes coffee undergoes at the farm and how to taste and smell differences through the technique of “cupping.”

Coffe Roasting for Beginners
5/12 (sat) @ 9am-12pm

Roast your own coffee! You will learn the basics of roasting on a barrel roaster and leave with your own roasted coffee. Upon completion of this class, you are eligible to rent time on the roasters at Buckman Coffee Factory.


We’re really excited about our extensive new series of coffee roasting, and tasting & analysis classes, now open for registration. For more details, check out our page @ EVENTBRITE

Presenting a two-part series to develop one’s cupping and coffee tasting skills. *Each class is designed to stand alone, but are progressive in skills development if taken as a series.

Foundations of Coffee Roasting & Sensory Development.
New Series, coming soon!
Late Summer dates to be announced shortly.

This four-part education series was developed for beginning to intermediary coffee roasters who want to learn more about roasting, coffee buying and sensory development. Classes will be held on a weekly basis (on Saturdays) as half-day intensives. Each class covers a different growing region and roast profile development, while also exploring green buying and sensory development. The classes build on skills but do not need to be taken in sequence.

Coffee Extraction Fundamentals for Roasters.
6/2 (sat) @ 3-5pm
6/23 (sat) @  3-5pm

Roasters! This two-part series on extraction is designed especially for you and it will make you a better roaster. Presenting a truly unique opportunity to explore the theory of coffee extraction fundamentals (brewing and espresso), specifically with coffee roasters in mind.



Emily Smith has a background in green coffee, including quality evaluation and supply planning. She is a licensed Q Grader and has worked managing and processing green coffee for large roasters in the Pacific Northwest. Emily is also an expert sample roaster, having roasted thousands of samples for quality and price discovery evaluation. In addition to roasting for World Cup Coffee, she also serves as a director of the Oregon Coffee Board.

Mike Nelson has worked in the coffee industry as a barista, consultant, roaster, trainer, and company co-owner with various specialty coffee companies in the US and abroad. He combined his love of scientific research and coffee by focusing his graduate research on climate change and coffee, and holds an MSc in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science and an MSc in Geography. He is co-founder of Junior’s Roasted Coffee, and oversees the company’s green coffee buying, roasting, and wholesale training. In April 2017 Mike and his business partners opened Guilder, a cafe and bar in Northeast Portland that also serves as the roastery for Junior’s Roasted Coffee.

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