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Factory Concept

Buckman Coffee Factory

Located at 1105 SE Main Street in Portland’s Central Eastside, the Buckman Coffee Factory is situated in the heart of Roasters’ Row. The Factory was conceived from equal parts idealistic inspiration and practical consideration.

Our Dream In Motion

Brainchild of a handful of local coffee veterans, the factory concept came together after years studying the trends in the specialty coffee world and identifying key service gaps that currently plague small roasters and specialty farmers. Our dream — now set in motion — has been to create a neutral, public space where coffee professionals could pursue their ambitions in a creative, adaptive, and welcoming space.


The Building

The Buckman team was keen to keep the building’s original character and design in mind when updating it for its current use.

Formerly home to a local printing press, we brought the building back to life in a way befitting the industrial character and history of the neighborhood, but with an updated look and feel to engage the public.

Our Location