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Central America/El Salvador

El Salvador Nombre de Dios Reserva

Nombre de Dios Coffee Plantation is located in the mountainous Alotepeque Metapan Coffee Region, around 1500 meters above sea level . The Farm is planted with Arabica Bourbon. The cool microclimate throughout the year, fed by tropical rains and pine and oak forest allows the production of excellent coffee with unique cupping characteristics. The harvested coffee is stream washed and sun dried at the eco mill “Beneficio Alotepeque” built in 2008. At this water efficient mill only coffee from Nombre de Dios is processed to guarantee its origin; the harvest from each individual lot in the farm is milled and stored identified and separately. The history of this Coffee Plantation goes back to the early twentieth Century, when Samuel Luna had a vision for progress and development of Metapán Area. Maria Elena, a fourth generation of coffee growers alongside with her husband Salvador and sisters; became involved with the farm in 2002. Also her two sons, Javier and Alex have studied agriculture and now greatly support her work in the farm field and much improvement has being made. Since 2002 they have conducted a reforestation program, planting ten thousand pine trees from their nursery. Eco-friendly and natural practices are used to control illnesses and weed, minimizing the use of chemicals. Broca is controlled with traps and Beauveria bassiana fungus, and other insects are controlled with garlic pesticide.

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Tasting notes:

Butterscotch, pear and rum

Coffee Specs

Farm Name
Nombre de Dios
Altitude of Farm
1500 MASL
Processing Method