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Central America/Guatemala

Guatemala Cruz Grande Huehuetenango – LIMITED QUANTITY REMAINING

Coffee production in Santa Barbara, Huehuetenango started back in
the 70’s. The producers of the area decided to come together as a cooperative to be able to have access to better prices in the market, and to have access to projects to better their comminity. Fifty six associates came together in 2009 to form Cooperativa Integral Agricola, Cruz Grande. Since then the Cooperative has managed to get donations in benefit of the community such as a comunal wet mill and constant workshops on coffee processing. The workshops have helped them understand and develop quality on their coffee, this has allowed them to reach important clients in the specialty coffee industry. The quality has taken them to get much better pricing then when they were all by their own. Today, the Cooperative
has sixty members and they continue to excel in quality.

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Cupping notes:

Green apple




Coffee Specs

Farm Name
Cooperative Cruz Grande
Altitude of Farm
1800-2200 mall
Processing Method