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Roasting Floor

Interested in Roasting Here?

The Factory’s Roasting Floor is a shared-space facility that includes coffee roasting equipment and a flexible, light-filled workspace designed specifically for small to medium scale roasters. Roasting packages can be purchased in single hour increments or in weekly, half-day bundles. Send us an email info@buckmancoffee.com or call 503-970-5497 to start the process.

All roasters (flex and time-share roasters) will have access to bulk grinders, scales, and packing tables.

Flex Roaster

Rent time and equipment as an itemized package, individually tailored for each roaster’s particular aspiration. This program is ideal for smaller roasters and for roasters looking to supplement their production for seasonal or special orders.


Time-Share Roaster

Use of the roasting floor and equipment in half-day blocks of time (six-hours). This program is best for larger roasters with predictable roasting needs and a fairly set schedule. These roasters can also add ‘a la carte’ services, as needed. One share is equal to a six-hour block, per week.


Cupping Room Facility

Time-share roasters are able to access the cupping room and all equipment for one scheduled hour each week.
Flex Members can rent room & equipment as needed, for $30/hour.

Cupping room equipment includes:

  • Three, 10ft custom-built cupping tables
  • Cupping bowls and Hario kettles
  • Five-gallon hot watertower
  • Mahlkonig EK43 cupping grinder
  • GS-3 La Marzocco espresso machine
  • Curtis programmable brewer
  • Commercial dishwasherfor easy clean-up