About Us


The Buckman Coffee Factory is a unique shared space coffee roasting facility where coffee professionals pursue their ambitions in a creative, adaptive and (we hope!) welcoming environment. It was created in 2015 by sisters, Joey and Cassy Gleason to serve virtually every facet of the growing, small-batch specialty coffee roasting community: coffee roasters, farmers, importers, cafe owners, baristas, coffee buyers and tasters.

While specialty coffee is growing by leaps and bounds, the unique needs of smaller producers and the craft people who often harness the talent and creativity in the field can get lost in the shuffle. Coffee is a complicated and multi-layered industry. The intricacies and cost involved in starting a roasting business can be daunting for someone just getting started. The upfront expenses includes everything from finding affordable production space in an increasingly expensive city, purchasing expensive roasting equipment, navigating health and environmental regulators and accruing the upfront capital needed to purchase and ship choice green coffee from overseas growers.

Buckman gives small roasters, hobbyists and coffee curious a leg-up a unique opportunity to explore all-things-coffee in a supportive and fun environment. 

As part of a west coast family, owners and sisters Joey Gleason and Cassy Gleason come from a rich tradition of growing and harvesting food. Their family's farm has been operating for four generations since their great-grandparents first tilled the fields 100 years ago. Joey, Marigold’s founder has nearly 20 years of experience in Portland's food and beverage scene. As a trained chef, Joey discovered her passion for roasting coffee as an owner of the Redwing Cafe in SE Portland. Focusing on coffee, she then launched Marigold Coffee and was later joined business by her sister, Cassy who transitioned her love of coffee and coffee community into a full-time endeavor. With a professional background previously in public policy and community development in the non-profit sector, Cassy’s growing fascination with the coffee industry led her to join Marigold as a full-time partner. 

Marigold Coffee is a wholesale specialty roaster, started in 2009 and is also owned and operated by the Gleason sisters. While Buckman and Marigold operate as two distinct companies serving different customers and marketing purposes there is occasional overlap in mutual benefit and purpose. 

Marigold roasts their coffee at the Buckman Coffee Factory, and is well positioned to procure high-value, fairly-priced coffee that allows for a high degree of transparency in our green coffee purchasing.